Alstom launches CLever cantilever for UK railway electrification

Alstom has launched a new cantilever specifically for the UK rail network. The CLever (a shortened version of cantilever) has been designed by Osvaldo Cariboni Lecco – an Alstom company –  in northern Italy for 25kV railway electrification and allows for speeds of up to 300km/h. According to Alstom, the product is safer to handle, has minimal maintenance requirements, is quicker to install and is more affordable over its lifecycle because it is lightweight and has a minimal part count. It is also compatible with Network Rail’s Series 2 and Master Series range of electrification equipment, and its launch in the UK follows approval of the new electrification system for UK use by Network Rail. Alstom’s engineering and technical director Steve Cox said: “This solution is more affordable and safer than conventional ones. “With electrification continuing to be a priority for the UK network, CLever’s high adjustability, easy installation, reduced weight and easy maintenance mean it can play an important role in achieving our electrification targets.” Alstom launched the product at Railtex on May 10.