DSB issues tender for next-generation Wi-Fi equipment

Credit: Nakcrub/Shutterstock.
Credit: Nakcrub/Shutterstock.

Danish State Railways (DSB) has issued a tender for advanced Wi-Fi equipment onboard its train services.

Customers are currently ‘very satisfied’ with the free Wi-Fi coverage, according to DSB, which is available on most of its services. However, the operator said it wants to future-proof its service and address areas which still have poor coverage.

Measures will include installing repeaters onboard trains to boost the Wi-Fi signal and the construction of more masts on the lineside.

DSB expects to be able to roll out the new Wi-Fi by the end of 2019.

Head of DSB Product Aske Wieth-Knudsen said (Translated from Danish): “Our goal is that customers will be able to change the travel time to working.”

DSB is an abbreviation of Danske Statsbaner, which translates as Danish State Railways, and is the largest TOC in Denmark.


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