Union Pacific to spend $49m on Missouri rail infrastructure

Credit: Michael Rosebrock/Shutterstock.
Credit: Michael Rosebrock/Shutterstock.

Boosting safety and efficiency is at the heart of a new $49 million investment from Union Pacific into its Missouri infrastructure.

Of the total investment, $43 million will be spent maintaining track and $3 million on maintaining bridges in the state.

This covers $12 million investment in the line between Labadie and Chamois as well as $7 million investment in the line between Mineral Point and Annapolis, replacing almost 150,000 railroad ties and installing 77,000 tonnes of rock ballast in the process.

Union Pacific vice president Donna Kush said: “Union Pacific’s targeted investments fund projects that strengthen our railroad tracks, increase safety and minimise delays as trains travel through communities across Missouri.

“Maintaining a healthy railroad is the foundation of our ability to serve customers and communities across the state.”

The $49 million investment is part of a wider Union Pacific strategy.


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