Engie acquires onboard trains communications specialist Icomera

Credit: Stieber/Shutterstock.
Credit: Stieber/Shutterstock.

French energy firm Engie has bought onboard trains communications specialists Icomera through its subsidary Engie Ineo.

Engie has outfitted 12,000 kilometres of rail, 1,800 light rail tramways with electrification, signal and telecom systems and the acquisition strengthens its position in the transport industry.

The move also forms part of Engie’s plans to make mobility cleaner and smarter.

Icomera was founded in 1999 and specialises in developing Wi-Fi solutions and related services such as passenger entertainment and real-time information systems.

It has worked with First Hull Trains to upgrade Wi-Fi and entertainment systems as well as Czech Railways on Wi-Fi systems too.

Engie Ineo CEO Yann Rolland said: “For several years we have been strongly focusing our transport solutions on digitalisation and onboard solutions.

“Icomera provides a smart, connected and innovative complement to our current range of solutions, with, in addition, an enhancement of service for the operator, an unparalleled diversity of applications and optimal user convenience for passengers.

“With this acquisition, Engie Ineo completes and enriches its offer and reinforces its ambition in the technological environment of transport.”


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