De Lijn confirms CAF to supply new trams

Image: De Lijn/ CAF.

De Lijn’s board of directors has confirmed that CAF will supply up to 146 new low-floor trams for Antwerp and Ghent.

The initial tranche, which has been valued at €56.3 million, will see CAF supply 24 trams for the West Flanders coastal line.

The order breaks down as 66 vehicles for Antwerp, 18 for Ghent and 57 for the West Flanders coastal line (Kusttram) – plus five extra for the extension of the coastal line to Veurne.

Image: De Lijn/ CAF.

The first of the new trams is expected to be delivered in 2019.

CAF has also reached a trade cooperation agreement with Bombardier – the other supplier to bid for the contract.

While CAF supplies De Lijn’s new fleet, Bombardier’s workshop in Bruges will overhaul 53 Ermine trams to allow them to be operated in multiples. This is expected to be completed by the end of 2020 – at which point there is an option to convert a further 31 units.

The Flemish Minister for Mobility, Ben Weyts, said ‘everything’ had been done to secure the future of the Bruges site.



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