DSB agrees sale of IC2 trains to unnamed buyer

Photo: Morten Haagensen/ CC BY-SA 3.0.

Denmark’s DSB has reached an agreement to sell 15 of its IC2 train fleet to a ‘foreign buyer’.

DSB said in an announcement today (June 23) the trains had been sold ‘without any warranties’ to an undisclosed buyer.

DSB encountered problems with both the delivery and introduction of its IC4 and IC2 diesel fleets, and the decision was taken last year to phase out the IC2 fleet completely.

Three of the two-car units will be acquired initially, with the sale of the remaining 12 subject to the buyer being able to get the necessary approvals to operate the first three.

Director of strategy and rolling stock at DSB, Jürgen Müller, said [in Danish]: “It is satisfying that we have succeeded DSB to set aside the 15 IC2 train sets, and especially am pleased that sales have gone relatively quickly.

“We wrote off in 2016 all 23 train sets completely, and therefore the sale will provide a small positive effect on this year’s accounts. At the buyer’s request, I can not disclose the price or name of the buyer at the moment.”

Of the 23 train sets retired, one was acquired by the Danish Railway Museum and the remaining seven will be scrapped and recycled or used for spare parts.

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