Beijing’s maglev railway line to begin tests later this year

Credit: CRRC.
Credit: CRRC.

Beijing Mass Transit Railway’s new magnetic levitation (maglev) railway line will be ready for tests later this year.

Once operational, the 10.2km-long S1 line – which is also referred to as the Mentougou Line – will be the first mid to low speed maglev line in China’s capital city.

Tests will see 10 trains put into service between Shimenying station, in western Mentougou district, to Pingguoyuan station, in Shijingshan district.

CRRC has manufactured the six-car maglev trains, which will run at a maximum speed of 100km/h carrying up to 1,032 passengers.

Maglev trains do not have wheels and are instead elevated 1cm above tracks using electromagnetic forces, avoiding friction and making the ride more comfortable and safer, according to CRRC.

The debugging of the line is due to end in November when a month-long trial run will begin.

The country’s first domestically designed and manufactured maglev line began operating a year ago in Changsha, the capital of Hunan province.

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