Esbjerg-Lunderskov electrification complete

Credit: Banedanmark.
Credit: Banedanmark.

Danish railway maintenance firm Banedanmark has opened a new section of electrified line.

Work began in 2014 on the line between Esbjerg and Lunderskov, and over the course of the project around 1,600 masts and four transformer stations have been built.

Banedanmark said that the upgraded line will benefit passenger and freight travel, allowing for shorter travel times, quieter trains and lower operating and maintenance costs.

The track between Esbjerg and Lunderskov is the first part of a major electrification programme for Denmark’s railway.

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Banedanmark electrification programme manager Klaus Bergman said (Translated from Danish): “We are proud of the completion of the electrification of the 57km railway between Esbjerg and Lunderskov.

“Electrification helps to create the framework for a much more modern railway with cheaper and more stable operation while benefiting the environment.

“We have reached a major milestone in our efforts to electrify a number of Danish railways. And in several places we are already running – for example, on the new lane Copenhagen-Ringsted.”

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  1. So the French, Germans, Dutch and Italians state railways are all best placed to operate trains in the UK rather than a local state operator – How about letting the Danish show Network Rail how to do Electrification? Absolute national embarrassment that we cant do what every other European country sees as a routine piece of infrastructure enhancement.


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