Stadler EC250s branded SMILE

A CGI of a Stadler SMILE. Credit: Stadler.
A CGI of a Stadler SMILE. Credit: Stadler.

Stadler has branded its new high-speed electric multiple unit (EMU) the SMILE.

The EC250 will join the likes of Stadler’s fast and light regional FLIRT train, the TANGO light rail vehicle, and the bilevel commuter KISS train.

The name SMILE was chosen from 4,000 recommendations following a public competition.

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SBB was the first operator to order 29 EC250s, which it calls the Giruno, in October 2014, to travel through the Gotthard Base tunnel.

The low-floor SMILE train can travel at speeds of up to 250km/h. They are fitted with 3G and 4G amplifiers, sockets at all seats, air conditioning, and can seat more than 400 passengers.

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  1. As Stadler are to build and manufacture the “Flirt” Class 755 EDMU (Bi-Mode) and Class 745 EMU fleets for (Abellio) Greater Anglia and EMU fleets for Merseyrail.

    Stadler could also manufacture the new “Smile” high speed EMU’s fleets for High Speed 2 rail link if they win the contract to build and manufacture new high speed EMU trains for HS2.


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