Québec to build €298m underground train depot

A stock photo of Montreal's metro. Credit: Chris Howey/Shutterstock.
A stock photo of Montreal's metro. Credit: Chris Howey/Shutterstock.

Transport planners have announced that an underground train depot is to be built in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, to help increase the number of services in line with expected demand.

The nearly C$440 million (around €298 million) depot will help metro operator Société de transport de Montréal (STM) add more trains during rush hour periods – especially on the Orange line, which is the most heavily-used.

STM said the service increase could be by as much as a 25 per cent on the line.

In addition, the new facility – which is to be built at Côte-Vertu station – will house ten extra trains, allow STM to better maintain its rolling stock and also look at replacing first-generation metro cars.

The Government of Quebec is to contribute C$330 million and STM the remaining C$110 million.

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Québec Minister of Transport Laurent Lessard said: “By providing C$330 million in funding for the Côte-Vertu garage, the government is showing its interest in public transportation and its long-term vision for the future.

“Indeed, the investment announced today ensures adequate space for the maintenance needs of a sufficient number of metro cars to meet today’s needs and those in future, by factoring in the higher frequency and regularity of service, as well as the Blue line’s eventual extension.”

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre added: “For the city, this means a major investment that will help to support a modern, productive and efficient offer of service, for the benefit of transit users.

“Kicking off this project is therefore in line with a series of recently announced investments, including the Réseau électrique métropolitain commuter line and STM’s new bus garage in the city’s Bellechasse area.

“These major projects serve to confirm the city’s leadership role in terms of innovation, as well as electric, sustainable mobility.”

The Côte-Vertu station will be temporarily closed in summer 2018 for 11 weeks in preparation for the train depot.

The announcement was made on August 25.


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