Aberdeen launch for Scotland’s first HST

Photo: ScotRail.

ScotRail has officially welcomed the first of its cascaded HSTs.

ScotRail’s managing director, Alex Hynes, was in Aberdeen this morning to present the first train of the operator’s new high-speed fleet.

The HSTs are being cascaded from the South West of England where they are being replaced by a new fleet of bi-mode intercity trains.

ScotRail will receive 54 power cars and 121 coaches altogether, which will form 17 five-car and nine four-car trains, with two spare power cars.

Angel Trains is spending £50 million refurbishing the 40-year-old fleet, which will be gradually phased into service from next summer.

The first HST, which simply stands for High Speed Train, will now be used for driver training and will be based in the North East of Scotland.

Alex Hynes said: “The arrival of the first high-speed train in Aberdeen is an exciting milestone in our plan to build the best railway Scotland has ever had.

“Our refurbished high-speed trains will connect Scotland’s seven cities, offering better connections for commuters, business travellers and an opportunity for tourists to get out and about across this great country.

“The refurbished high-speed trains will mean more seats, better services and an improved experience for our customers.

“The investment we are making in high-speed trains is a clear sign of the ScotRail Alliance’s commitment to building a world-class railway for the whole of Scotland.”

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Clarification: ScotRail will operate 26 HSTs in total: 17 (not 15) five-car and nine four-car trains.


  1. I think these trains and GWR’s equivalent could be a master-stroke and will bring lots of tourists and other passengers to far-flung parts of the UK.

    Who’d have thought that a stop-gap design, that’s forty years old, would be reinvented for the 21st Century?

    A few years ago, courtesy of East Coast, I rode in the cab of a Class 43 between Edinburgh and Inverness.

    It was some ride.

  2. Good that the HSTs are NOT going for scrap as they are still going strong. While Scotrail will have shortened sets GWR will retain the rest of the HSTs, shorten them and use them on long distance West Country routes such as Cardiff Central to Portsmouth ect.

    • Ah. Not Cardiff – Portsmouth I think. Someone told me about the loading gauge. I believe the plan for the short GWR HST’s is to use them on the Class 150 / 153 routes from Cardiff to Taunton and Plymouth to Penzance services and that only Standard Class coaches will be the case. The short HST’s will provide a much quieter better environment too and provide more seats per 4 coaches! I also believe the current 06:00 Penzance – Cardiff service will be a short HST instead of a noisy but good 75mph Class 150/

  3. Generally a good idea. However, having worked on the track at Paddington platforms very much hope the refurbishment includes RETENTION TOILETS!


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