Talgo weighs up options for new UK train manufacturing site

Photo: Roman Vukolov / Shutterstock.com.

Talgo says it has looked at potential sites around Leeds and Liverpool to build its first factory on UK soil.

The president of the Spanish company, Carlos Palacio, confirmed last week plans to build a new facility in Britain with the potential to supply high-speed trains and vehicle overhaul services to UK customers.

In a statement on its website, Talgo said: “Talgo has repeatedly showed its intention to carry out the whole train construction process in the new plant.

“To find the perfect spot in case it gets awarded supply contracts now being tendered, the company is analysing a dozen locations in the UK and has already engaged in formal contacts with local authorities and key interest groups from the districts concerned, as well as with MPs elected in those very same zones which could be interested to host the plant.”

It added: “Talgo sees the UK market with its increasingly challenging demand for more capacity and a passenger-focused rail offering as a level playing field in which its vehicles could take a crucial role, as the company’s current portfolio includes not only world-class very high-speed trains but also regional and commuter vehicles ready to maximize train operating companies profit and to minimize subsidies from taxpayers.”


  1. With CAF also talking about a factory in Newport, South Wales, and Alstom possibly building trains at Widnes, this will be good news for employment and engineering skills. However, we may very well find that there will be an over-capacity in UK train building with, at least, five factories purely bidding for domestic orders – unless each company builds, say, a ten-year obsolescence into each new train delivered.

    • It’s an interesting point about over capacity. Job creation is great but sustaining that employment is likely to be more important to the communities around these sites. Could be interesting to get the opinions of some of the rail industry associations. Watch this space.


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