Transtech to supply up to 65 trams to Tampere

Credit: Skoda.
Credit: Skoda.

Rolling stock manufacturer Transtech Oy will supply up to 65 new trams to the city of Tampere, Finland.

The initial deal covers the delivery and maintenance of 19 ForCity Smart Artic trams, with the option for an additional 46 units. The contract is valued at €104 million.

The bi-directional trams have a capacity for 264 passengers and will operate on the first phase of the tram system, which is under construction and due to open in 2021.

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Transtech CEO Lasse Orre said (translated from Finnish): “We chose Tampere for a modern solution based on tried and tested technology and a solution suited to the difficult conditions of the north, combined with competitive commercial conditions.

“Tampere trams are based on proven solutions that we used to develop trams in Helsinki.

“Last year and this year, we have received almost 400 million worth of new orders from just domestic countries, which provides a solid basis for focusing on export orders.”

Transtech is a member of Skoda Transportation Group.

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