Los Angeles Metro releases bizarre anime-inspired etiquette video

Credit: Metro.
Credit: Metro.

A series of bizarre anime-inspired videos have been released to promote etiquette on the Los Angeles Metro system.

In total three light-hearted short films have been created to get across messages on eating, aisle blocking and seat hogging on the public transport network.

In all of the videos an orange monster called Rude Dude is confronted by Super Kind, a pop-song singing superhero.

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Whether the metro menace is scoffing – and dropping – sweets on the floor, obstructing the aisle with a pushbike or taking up dedicated disabled seating with a crate of pineapples, Super Kind teaches the creature a lesson in transit courtesy.

Metro board chairman and Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti said: “Metro belongs to all of us, and that means being considerate of one another when we ride.

“The Metro Manners campaign promotes courtesy and respectful behaviour on our transit lines — and will help us ensure that everyone can enjoy their trip.”

See for yourself below…

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