New rolling stock leasing company launches in Africa

Credit: Chris van Wyk.
Credit: Chris van Wyk.

South African train company Sheltam has rebranded and launched two new divisions.

Following investment from fund manager Harith in June, Sheltam will now be known as Traxtion Sheltam.

Traxtion Leasing, a rolling stock leasing company, and Traxtion Projects, a rail infrastructure investment platform, are also being launched.

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Traxtion Leasing will by run by Willem Goosen who has 30 years of experience in the global rolling stock leasing sector and has been instrumental in the
successful launch of three leasing businesses, according to Traxtion Sheltam.

In a statement, Traxtion Sheltam CEO Jamie Holley said that Leasing will focus on product innovation and flexible financing solutions, with maintenance support and parts supply to “bring world class solutions to Africa.”

Traxtion Leasing and Traxtion Projects are backed by Harith but will be managed by the Traxtion Group on behalf of Harith.

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