EGIP: First electric train runs between Edinburgh and Glasgow

Photo: Network Rail.

An electric train has made the journey on the main line between Edinburgh and Glasgow for the first time as testing on the newly electrified railway achieved yet another milestone.

A Class 385 travelled from Edinburgh Waverley to Glasgow Queen Street, via Falkirk High station, under its own power over night between October 31 and November 1.

Network Rail is close to completing the electrification of the 46-mile railway – a project known as the Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Project (EGIP).

Kevin McClelland, route delivery director for infrastructure projects, said: “The achievement of running the route end-to-end is a momentous day for everyone connected with EGIP over the past few years. It is the culmination of years of hard work, dedication and commitment from across the team which has been invested in the project to make this happen.

“While we acknowledge that delivering a project of this scale to electrify a live railway has not been without its challenges, the experience and learning we have taken from this stands us in good stead to deliver more of the rolling programme of electrification that continues across central Scotland.”


  1. Once in service. These new Class 385’s will provide a better quicker journey time between Glasgow and Edinburgh that Scotland wants. The journey between the 2 cities would take roughly hour & 10 minutes plus with a non-stop & semi-fast service that would take under hour.


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