Unguarded level crossings in the Netherlands to be eliminated “within a few years”

An unguarded level crossing in the Netherlands. Photo: ProRail.
An unguarded level crossing in the Netherlands. Photo: ProRail.

Dutch rail infrastructure manager ProRail has said that all of the Netherlands’ unguarded level crossings will be eliminated “within a few years.”

The vast majority of the remaining 123 unguarded intersections are located in the north-east of the Netherlands, where infrequent services previously ran through. However, this is no longer the case as traffic – and the speed of the trains – has increased.

This number has been dramatically reduced over 30 years. Previously around 50 per cent of public crossings (∼1,750) were unguarded.

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ProRail president Pier Eringa said that unguarded level crossings are dangerous intersections and are “no longer of this time.”

In 2017, 10 unguarded level-crossings were eliminated and ProRail will be working to secure the remaining crossings “as quickly as possible.”

This is achieved by either abolishing the crossing and diverting traffic to a level crossing – ProRail’s preferred option – or securing an unguarded crossing with barriers, bells and indicators.

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