BLS orders new Flirt EMUs from Stadler

Credit: Stadler.

Swiss rail operator BLS has confirmed an order with Stadler for 52 new Flirt EMUs.

The new vehicles will allow BLS to retire three older vehicle classes, giving the operator a brand new, uniform fleet.

Stadler’s chairman, Peter Spuhler, and BLS chief executive Bernard Guillelmon signed the contract on January 15.

The new single-deck train fleet will include 28 S-Bahn vehicles and 24 RegioExpress vehicles.

Both variants will be 105 metres long. However, the RegioExpress trains will be the only units to include a catering zone.

Credit: Stadler.

Construction of the new trains is due to start in early 2019. Testing is scheduled to begin from mid-2019 and delivery should take place between 2021 and 2025.

Later this year, a full-scale mock-up of one of the new carriages will go on display to give passengers the opportunity to see inside the new trains and provide feedback to the designers.

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