Texas Central picks Houston location for high-speed station

A rendering of the Houston 'Bullet' train station. Photo: Texas Central.
A rendering of the Houston 'Bullet' train station. Photo: Texas Central.

Texas Central has revealed the 45-acre site in Houston on which it hopes to build a high-speed station.

Final designs are pending but the ‘Bullet train’ developers have released maps and conceptual renderings of the multi-level station too.

The preferred site is located at the Northwest Mall near the interchange of Interstate 610 and US 290.

Northwest Mall has been identified as a high-growth area and building the station there would cause minimal environmental and community impact, according to Texas Central.

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Texas Central said that it has already reached an agreement with the owners of the mall.

Once it is constructed, the station will become a train and transit hub with shops, restaurants, entertainment, hotels and apartments.

It will be developed by real estate company Matthews Southwest.

Mayor Sylvester Turner highlighted the history of Houston – which was once known as the place “where 17 railroads meet the sea” – as a major railway hub.

Texas Central chair Drayton McLane Jr. added that the high-speed train, which promises to connect North Texas and Houston – with a stop in Brazos Valley – in 90 minutes, will “fuel a super economy that rivals any in the world.”

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  1. We note there is no plan to allow connections with the east-west AMTRAK line. Is this a simple oversight or shortsightedness? Clearly, the five or more stations in Chicago contributed to the downfall of rail passenger travel. Many other major cities also had two or more major stations for different railroads, making through travel and connecting trains very difficult.


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