Ontario appoints chair for high-speed rail project

Photo: Ontario Ministry of Transportation.
Photo: Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

Former federal transport minister David Collenette has been appointed chairman of Ontario high-speed rail’s planning advisory board in Canada.

David was also the province’s special advisor for high-speed rail, producing the report High Speed Rail in Ontario.

The project hopes to introduce the first high-speed line in Canada, connecting Toronto to Windsor with trains travelling at speeds of 250km/h on new and existing track.

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Travel time would be cut from more than four hours to just over two.

Transport minister Kathryn McGarry said: “I am pleased to announce Mr. Collenette’s appointment as Chair of Ontario’s HSR Planning Advisory Board and I look forward to working with him as we move forward to build Canada’s first high speed rail line.

“High speed rail will connect communities in our province as never before, creating new opportunities and increasing transportation choices for people across Southwestern Ontario.”

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