ATO to be tested on passenger train in the Netherlands

Photo: ProRail.
Photo: ProRail.

An agreement has been reached between Arriva, ProRail and the Province of Groningen to trial the use of automatic train operation (ATO) Grade of Automation (GoA) 2 in the Netherlands.

The test will take place on the Groningen-Zuidhorn route on an empty semi-automated passenger train. No date was given as to when the trial will take place.

Trains equipped with ATO can run closer together, which increases capacity, and also consume less energy because they run more evenly and have to make fewer stops.

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There are four levels of GoA:

  • The operator drives and is supported by security and advice systems;
  • A machine operates, but the driver remains responsible;
  • The operator does not have to sit in the chair and can fulfill other tasks;
  • There is no staff present on the train.

ProRail said that it will be sharing any knowledge acquired from the trial with all the involved parties.

The agreement was reached on March 9.

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