Government backing for extension of Montréal Metro

Photo: filo.
Photo: filo.

The governments of Canada and Quebec have announced a multi-million dollar investment to develop plans to extend the blue line of the Montréal metro to Anjou.

The announcement was made by Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, and will include $16 million to develop the project’s business case and a further $330 million for detailed design and assessment work, including land acquisitions.

The extension will connect the metro network to residents in Anjou. It will include five new stations – the first new stations to be added to the network since 1988.

Justin Trudeau said: “The Government of Canada is investing in projects that help build sustainable communities while supporting economic development and the growth of the middle class.

“This key step leading to the extension of the blue line will improve travel, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the overall user experience, thus preparing the city of Montréal for future growth. ”

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