Workhorse Montreal metro cars set for farewell tour

Photo: Wikimedia.
Photo: Wikimedia.

The Montreal Metro was inaugurated in 1966. Initially a network of three lines with some 26 stations, the rubber-tyred system has since grown and is now comprised of 68 stations and four lines.

Much has changed over the years but one thing has remained a constant: the use of MR-63 metro cars.

First introduced when the system was launched 52 years ago, the remaining cars are now set to serve passengers for the final time as the workhorses are put into retirement.

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Photo: STM.
Photo: STM.

The metro cars, which operator STM calculates have each clocked up more than four million km since they entered service, will undergo a farewell tour on the Montréal Métro at the end of June.

On June 18 the last original train will make an appearance on the Yellow line; June 19 the Green line; June 20 the Orange line; and June 21 the Blue line for the final time.

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