Hyundai Rotem secures maintenance deal in São Paulo

Photo: Hyundai Rotem.
Photo: Hyundai Rotem.

The São Paulo State Metropolitan Transit Company has awarded a 80 billion won (∼$71.6 million) maintenance contract to Hyundai Rotem.

The four-year deal covers the maintenance of 80 four-car electric trains from August.

According to the South Korean rolling stock manufacturer, the rail car maintenance sector is growing at around 72 trillion won (∼$64 billion) a year and Hyundai Rotem is looking to capitalise on this growth.

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A spokesperson for Hyundai Rotem said (Translated from Korean): “We will show stable maintenance experience to our customers based on our systematic capabilities such as various maintenance business experience, technology, quality certification, and proven system.

“We will make every effort to strengthen the competitiveness of our maintenance business in the future by making it a bridgehead for expanding and expanding into the maintenance and repair market in South America.”

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