Talgo to reveal site of potential UK train factory in “coming months”

Talgo is aiming to build the
Talgo is aiming to build the "British AVE" for HS2. AVE is the name of a high-speed service in Spain that includes Talgo rolling stock among its fleet. Photo: Talgo.

Spanish rolling stock manufacturer Talgo has announced it will reveal the location of its potential UK train factory in the “coming months”.

The firm has spent months assessing and preselecting potential sites for the facility, including locations in Chesterfield, Leeds, Liverpool and across Scotland and Wales.

Plans to build a factory will go ahead should it secure the £2.75 billion rolling stock contract from HS2 to build at least 54 conventional compatible trains, the company has said.

The update comes after HS2 updated the shortlist of firms for this contract. Talgo’s Spanish rival CAF joined the bidding after Bombardier and Hitachi announce a joint venture.

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Talgo’s UK manager Jon Veitch said: “Talgo will help regenerate the industrial base of the British country.

“We are committed to opening a factory in the United Kingdom if we win this important contract that will provide up to 1,000 new local jobs for engineering and innovation work, as well as other support positions needed in any industrial area.

“In addition, Talgo will seek to collaborate with suppliers and use the experience of the whole United Kingdom.

“Talgo’s plans also include important learning, training and education opportunities in England, Scotland and Wales. ”

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  1. Talgo could be building a new train manufacturing facility somewhere in Southern England or in the West Midlands. East Anglia. Or a new manufacturing facility near to London.

    As well as manufacturing new trains including high speed trains for HS2, Electric multiple unit, Diesel multiple unit, Hybrid “Bi-Mode/Tri-Mode” multiple unit, new London Underground tube stocks to replace the current ones such as on the Bakerloo, Central and/or Waterloo & City Lines. And they may even manufacture new trams and light rail vehicles.

  2. Don’t just stop at supplying HS2…
    Get supplying the main uk intercity routes too…
    That way those new 800 things can go into more local / mid distance route’s..

  3. It should be noted that Talgo only intend establishing a manufacturing base in Britain, if they receive the order for HS2 trains. So therefore, we will have to wait for our friend Grayling to announce the successful bidder for rolling stock before we celebrate new jobs

    • No Doubt it will go to them or another non UK based manufacturer. I hope Hitachi and Bombardier win since the crook that is Grayling gave the DEEPTUBE project to Siemens


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