Pictures: Body shell of Hull Trains’ first new Class 802 completed

Photo: Hull Trains.
Photo: Hull Trains.

The shell of operator Hull Trains’ first Class 802 train has been completed.

Hitachi is building a fleet of five new intercity trains, financed by Angel Trains, to replace the existing Class 180s.

The shells of the new trains are being built at Hitachi Rail’s manufacturing plant in Kasado, Japan.

Work on the trains will then be completed at Hitachi’s site in Pistoia, Italy before being tested and shipped to the UK for use on the East Coast mainline from December 2019.

The Class 802s will operate using diesel and electric traction and will benefit from Hitachi’s “bullet train technology” to make the trains light and aerodynamic.

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Photo: Hull Trains.
Photo: Hull Trains.

Hull Trains managing director Louise Cheeseman said: “Following this investment we will be able to boast some of the most technologically advanced, fastest and most comfortable trains on the UK rail network.

“It is great news for our customers, who are always at the centre of our focus, and means we will provide more in terms of service, as well as potentially reduce journey times.”

The new trains form part of a £60 million investment Hull Trains is making to improve its service which will see customers benefit from a 20 per cent boost in seating capacity.

The new fleet will also be quieter and more environmentally friendly, reducing harmful emissions by up to 90 per cent compared to other trains using the East Coast mainline.

Photo: Hull Trains.
Photo: Hull Trains.

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  1. Look’s good and I’ll say it again, Grand Central should also order Class 802 bi-modes as the two routes are mostly under the wires especially the Sunderland route.

    • I agree and to transfer the Class 180 Adelante DMUs on both Grand Central and Hull Trains to Crosscountry so that Crosscountry can fill up services currently occupied by Class 170 and Class 221 units on long distances journeys.

  2. I guarantee that TransPennine Express Class 802 and Hull Trains Class 802 will soon be in service from Summer next year with Class 800 and Class 801 for LNER to start service from December this year and early next year. As GWR’s Class 800’s and Class 802’s have already started service that are slowly replacing the Class 43 HST Mk3s. But GWR will keep some of the older units.

  3. Let’s hope the ride quality is better than the 800 units on GWR. With stiffer suspensions and hard seats they are noticeably worse than the 40 year old HSTs they are replacing. After 8 months the reservation system still isn’t working and the toilet hand driers are useless. Only minor issues but you would have thought by now…

  4. I’ve also heard rumours that First East Coast Trains are also to order 5 new Hitachi AT300 IETs which could be Class 801 Electric or Class 802 Bi-mode that are scheduled to be built when the new open access franchise starts service on the ECML in 2021.


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