The EMU that can ‘transform’ to meet demand

Photo: CRRC.
Photo: CRRC.

A highly adaptable intercity electric multiple unit (EMU) has been presented to exhibitors at InnoTrans.

The train has a minimum two-car formation – two connecting power cars – but it can be increased to 20, with a mixture of trailer cars and carriages, to increase and decrease capacity to meet demand.

Developer CRRC said transport capacity often conflicts with passenger flow but that, if successfully deployed, the new EMU enables trains to be formed according to the actual passenger flow of specific lines.

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Photo: CRRC.
Photo: CRRC.

A spokesperson added: “Most of the EMUs currently in operation are in fixed formation.

“But the highly universalisable intercity EMU developed by CRRC can change the car formation at will according to the characteristics of the intercity lines, ranging from two cars to 20 cars: large seating capacity longitudinal sleeping car, sleeping car capable of converting sleeping berths to seats, VIP car, business-class seat car, double-deck car, dinning & freight and passenger & freight combined cars.

“The formation of the EMU can be changed as required. It can be regarded as the ‘transformer’ in high-speed EMUs.”

Photo: CRRC.
Photo: CRRC.

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