Murder on the metals

There’s something about the railway that seems to stir the imagination of crime writers. Within these circles, the Victorian corridor coaches are held in the same esteem as a creepy country estate or a grand art deco hotel. Real-life crime on the railway has demonstrated the same ability to draw the public’s interest. The very […]

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The heroes of Britain’s railways in the Great War

The Great War cost Britain’s railways dear. In four years they went from being robust businesses that stood firmly on their own feet to ones that were near bankrupt, with their assets worn out by over-use for military traffic, and faced with massive new forms of competition. The rapidly developed motor vehicles that the armed […]

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End of the line

Tunnels do little to enhance the passenger experience, turning off the daylight and mobile phone signals. For some, this seemingly results in personal crisis. Any sense of what it took to drive the tunnel – in either human or engineering terms – is lost in the transient frustration. But then it’s hard to see the […]

Crossrail archaeology

The building of the Elizabeth line, the biggest infrastructure project in Europe, has revealed a wealth of archaeological treasures. Artefacts from earlier times have excited archaeologists and are considered well worth a major exhibition which will be staged at the Museum of London Docklands near Canary Wharf from the 10 February to 3 September 2017. […]

Come hell or high water

It symbolised the coming of the electric age: ‘new’ Euston – a monument to the 1960s. Out went the station’s Doric propylaeum and glorious Great Hall, products of Philip Hardwick and his son; in came bleak concrete and what a critic called “tawdry glamour”, brought to us by British Rail’s anonymous architects. Thanks for that. […]

Gotthard Base Tunnel testing underway

An extensive period of testing has started through the newly completed Gotthard Base Tunnel - the world's longest railway tunnel. Testing began on October 1 following approval from the Swiss Federal Office of Transport and...

Forth Bridge becomes World Heritage site

Scotland's Forth Bridge has become the country's sixth World Heritage site after being officially inscribed by UNESCO. The 125-year-old cantilever bridge spans the Firth of Forth between North Queensbury and South Queensbury. It joins Edinburgh Old and...

Sierra Leone’s lost British locomotives ride again

Ravaged by civil war and the Ebola pandemic, Sierra Leone is hoping the railway can help deliver a positive future for the country. Up until 1975, Sierra Leone still had a national rail network – more than 300 miles of narrow gauge track, an iron reminder of its British heritage. Locomotives built...

3D scanning of the Mail Rail system

It may come as a surprise, but London Underground doesn’t have the only underground railway network in the nation’s capital. Running directly under the feet of millions of unsuspecting Londoners and passing many of the city’s most recognisable landmarks, the Post Office Underground Railway – Mail Rail – ran between 1927...

Video report: Insight into the charity that looks at disused railway structures

Insight into the charity that looks after more than 650 disused railway structures with the intention of them hosting foot and cycle paths.