A headrest for a regional DB train service being made by a 3D printer. Credit: DB.

How 3D printing is revolutionising railways around the world

3D printing has been around for decades but has slowly moved towards the mainstream as it becomes increasingly commercialised. A number of sectors have found ways it can benefit them but what use is 3D printing currently having on railways around the world?

London Midland Labs – Getting serious about innovation

The railway’s slow rate of change and innovation is a popular topic of conversation at conferences and over networking drinks. A lack of free Wi-Fi and the limited rollout of things like automatic delay repay and ticketless travel lags behind the expectations of the modern passenger. Seeking a solution, train operator London Midland launched a […]

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Crossrail innovation – The future?

‘It’s a bit like RoboCop or Minority Report’ said Rav Kugananthan, a project engineer working at Crossrail’s Liverpool Street station, as he squeezed his head into one of the project’s most radical innovations. Although still at the development stage, the smart helmet Rav was modelling provided a glimpse into what will very likely be a […]

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Solely solar: Renewable energy to power Melbourne trams

The Australian state of Victoria is investing in new solar farms to power Melbourne's tram network. Large solar plants capable of producing 75 megawatts (MW) of renewable electricity will be built in the state by the...